Why Ceramic Pro Marine?

Congrats! You bought a boat. We are sure you are very excited to get out on the water and enjoy it. However, boats require a lot of maintenance to keep "alive." Often times, with all the maintenance and expenses needed to keep a boat running, the cosmetic appearance gets neglected. Maybe a coat of wax might be put on here and there....or you come in late from a long day on the lake and go "I'll wash it tomorrow." But you won't.

Fact: All things decay. Decay on a boat is not good. There are multiple different types of surfaces on a boat: gelcoat, metals, vinyls...these all break down overtime. In the marine environment, they break down even faster with long exposures to direct sunlight, contaminants from the water, and the wear and tear boating takes in logistics. After awhile, your boat suddenly doesn't "look" right. But it's more than just about looks, that decay can have sever affects on the overall performance of the boat- not to mention it's value! 

Enter Ceramic Pro Marine. This titanium dioxide nano coating penetrates into the pours of the surfaces we put it on. What does it do?

• It offers years of the best UV protection to be found

• Excellent slickness: better drag reduction, and thus higher speeds or fuel efficiency

• Super hydrophobicity: makes cleaning and maintaining your marine surfaces an after thought

• Amazing gloss: have that "new" look for life!
• Chemical resistance: no more negative side effects of acid washing

No more waxing. No more constant buffing. No more harmful chemicals. 

Less cleaning= more time on the water.